(About: New Experiences & Taking Opportunities)

maybe for the first time.


Just A Preamble

For 5 years, I woke up And told myself that my progression would be measured by my graduation Today I woke up and realized, That I have been wrong before In my life. Today I awoke, In an empty apartment, Boxes packed up in my car. I awoke with a groggy headache that would not…

El Lobo 

I feel like the wolf, El lobo Que por día espera la noche Y en la noche Existe por la luz de la luna. Me siento como el lobo.   

Word Curse

I came into this world Empty-handed, heavy-lidded, toothless. I’m aged now Empty-handed, heavy-lidded, a mouthful of sharp poetry. Ready to bite. Being a person is hard. At least, It’s been hard for me. I only know how to be a combination of words, Sometimes feelings, but rarely. I never know what to say, I can…