Just A Preamble

For 5 years, I woke up And told myself that my progression would be measured by my graduation Today I woke up and realized, That I have been wrong before In my life. Today I awoke, In an empty apartment, Boxes packed up in my car. I awoke with a groggy headache that would not…

El Lobo 

I feel like the wolf, El lobo Que por día espera la noche Y en la noche Existe por la luz de la luna. Me siento como el lobo.   

Word Curse

I came into this world Empty-handed, heavy-lidded, toothless. I’m aged now Empty-handed, heavy-lidded, a mouthful of sharp poetry. Ready to bite. Being a person is hard. At least, It’s been hard for me. I only know how to be a combination of words, Sometimes feelings, but rarely. I never know what to say, I can…

La Naturaleza

Cuando tocamos la naturaleza sin querer destruir, crece con el apoyo de nuestro amor. Nosotros, como la naturaleza, también crecemos cuando nos tocamos sin querer destruir.  Translation: When we touch nature without the desire to destroy it, it grows with the encouragement of our love. We, like nature, also grow when we touch without the…

First blog post

I’m not really sure why I’m here. I felt an urge to create a dialogue about something that I have been experiencing, mostly because I couldn’t find any information about it online. So my first piece of advice is: If you cannot find what you are looking for, create it.